YouTube TV Subscribers Get Free SHOWTIME for the Summer

YouTube TV simply surprised its customers with a free showtime offer for the summer.

The offer showed up in inboxes this evening and says that it’s available to those that are a “longtime friend of YouTube TV.” that would mean that not all customers are planning to get this and it’s instead reserved for a few people that signed-up within the starting. powerful to understand obviously.

YouTube TV Subscribers Get Free SHOWTIME for the Summer

Either way, the free showtime deal are often simply added to your YouTube TV account with one or two of clicks. It’ll last till September five and can then shut off unless you choose to continue with the subscription and need to acquire it. If you don’t, YouTube TV and Showtime won’t try and charge you, nor does one have to remember to cancel – it’ll simply stop automatically.

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber, check those inboxes for an email titled “We have a 🎁 for you.”

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