Xiaomi Mi Purifier 2S and Mi Home Security Cameras Launch in India

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Mi Purifiers 2S and Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree in addition to Mi Band 3 and Mi Television in India today. Of these, Mi Purifier 2S is priced at Rs 8,999 and Mi Home Security Camera is priced at Rs 2,699. Check Xiaomi Mi Purifier latest price 

Of these, Mi Purifier 2S will be available on September 28 for sale on the site of Mi.com and Amazon India. While Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree sales will be held on October 11, the company’s official website, Amazon and Flipkart. At the same time, the company has announced that both of these products will be available soon on Mi Home and Offline Partner Stores.

The first thing to talk about the new Mi Purifier 2s is with an OLED digital display, with which it also offers smart home integration. The company says that in its OLED display, users can see real-time air quality, temperature, humidity and Wi-Fi connections. Not only this but it also automatically adjusts the brightness according to ambient light, while on the light it becomes dim itself.

Apart from this, this new purifier is equipped with a laser sensor and a 360-degree triple lye filter which removes particles of PM2.5 and other micron sizes such as bacteria etc. Its clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 310 cubic meters/hour and the cleaning range is 226 – 398 square feet. This new MI Air Purifier 2s can also be connected through Mi Home applications. There is another fun feature in it that it is with the integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which means that you can also switch the Purifiers on and off through them.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree

After this talk, Mi Home Security Camera is 360-degree, as its name suggests that it monitors all the sides from the 360-degree angle. The camera can move smoothly in any direction, up, down, right, left and the video of 10 seconds is recorded automatically when it actually detects any movements or changes in its AI motion. Check Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera latest price 

Apart from this, Infrared Night Vision is provided in this device as well as 10 Infrared Illuminators, which keep the image quality clear when it is dark. Its camera can be 1080p HD recording and with 64GB expandable storage capacity. It can also be controlled through the Mi Home app.

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