Now you can not add to the WhatsApp group without your approval

Whatsapp has announced that new privacy settings are being issued for users. With this feature, you can control who can add you to the WhatsApp group.

Earlier, users could be added to any Whatsapp group without their consent. Even if you did not want to join the group, you were also added to many groups. However, you can leave the Whatsapp group when detected. But many times you are not active on Whatsapp, then you know this thing later. But now after the arrival of this feature, you will be able to decide who will add you to the group and who will not. This feature has a lot of work to privacy. New privacy settings have been started rolling out for some users and will be available to all users of the world in the coming weeks.

This feature will be visible in Whatsapp settings. For this, you have to follow the ‘Account> Privacy> Group’ steps. You will then see different options- Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody for the group.

Whether or not the numbers remain in your contacts when selecting the ” Everyone” option, another user can add you directly to the group. You will not get group invitations in this option.

In the case of My Contacts, only you can add to the group whose number you have saved. If you do not have the number of next person in your contact list but that person has your number saved, you will get group invitations. After this, you have to decide if you want to join the group or not.

At the same time, if you select the Nobody option, you can not include any direct Whatsapp group. Whether it is saved in your contact or not, if you want to join any group, you will get private group invitations. You will accept the invitation to join the group only if you join the group and you will do the Reject. Invitation sent by Group Admin will remain active for 72 hours. After this, the invoice will expire and the admin will have to send the invitation again.

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