How to: How to hide Whatsapp chat with no password or pattern?

If you chat Whatsapp, then there are times when you have to hide your full Whatsapp app. Many WhatsApp users cannot read a chat, put a password or pattern on the Whatsapp app to avoid it.

However, WhatsApp chat can be hidden by doing so. But we are going to tell you what you can do if you want to hide the personal chat of a user.

Here’s another thing you already know that by adopting this method you can hide the chat or any other group from a chat screen with a user.

This feature is found in Whatsapp, which is called archive chat archive chat. Chat does not delete the chat and does not save on the SD card. So let’s now tell you to step 2 step how it works.

How to archive chats in Android smartphones-

1-Open Whatsapp

2- Go to the chat screen where the chat or group you want to hide

3- Hold that chat or finger on the finger without opening it

4- Now you will see three dots above and click on the icon next to it right next to it.

By doing this you will hide your chat that means that the archive will be archived. Archived chat will scroll through the name of the Archive Chats after you scroll to the bottom.

How to return to chat or unarchive chats-

1- Scroll to the chat screen at the bottom after opening Whatsapp

2- Tap on an arch chats option that will appear

3- Here you will see archived chats

4- Tap and hold the chat you want to get back to

5- Now you can see the icon of Unarchive at the top

Your chat will appear again after clicking on that icon.

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