FujiFilm launches’Inexx Square SQ6 camera

After launching the X-A5 Mirrorless Digital Camera recently in India, the company has introduced an analog instant camera called Instax Square SQ6. The company has launched it in the budget by looking at the craze of photos among youth. It costs Rs 9999 and can be bought in Pearl White, Graphite Gray, and Blush Gold Color Options.

This instant camera immediately clicks the photos in the 2.4-inch size. That means it can print on the spot by clicking on the pictures whenever you want. The flash jail also comes with this camera. The company is offering the Orange, Purple and Green three flash color filters in the box with it. They can be mounted on the flash to get a look like a filter in the pictures.

In the wake of having a budget camera, the installer SQ6 comes with a built-in flash that works in auto mode and automatically controls the shutter speed. It also decides how much Flash Lite has to give so that the picture looks natural. The company says that the camera is designed in such a way that it balances the shutter speed with the flashlight and the ambient light.

As this camera prints immediately by clicking on the photo, it also has a selfie mode. Selfie mode uses photos and photos of the photograph to click pictures such as a portrait. For close-up photography, there is a macro mode that is capable of clicking pictures of 11.8-inch Nearby objects. In addition, photos can also be clicked in landscape mode.

The Instax Square SQ6 has a 10-second selfie timer and has a tripod mount for the tripod so that you can click the photo even without holding it. However, this camera does not have the facility of SD card slot and digital zooming.

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